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Gameplay mechanics are rules particular to a game which determine how the game is played. In the Run series, there are several unique gameplay mechanics, the most noticeable being the ability to change gravity and run on any side of a tunnel.

Changing Gravity Edit

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Darkness Edit

Darkness is a gameplay mechanic in which some or all tiles in a tunnel run out of power. When tiles run out of power, they blink on and off or dim, and may eventually go dark all together. When they go completely black, the tiles are still there, however, they are much harder to see against the dark background. Occasionally a whole tunnel will run out of power, but more often, most turn black while some stay brightly lit, acting as a kind of guide from one platform of tiles to the next. Also, when a tunnel runs out of power, the music may get quieter (when dimming), start and stop erratically (when blinking), or go completely silent (when off). Darkness is first introduced in the Low-power Tunnel. It is used in several other side tunnels, but not the Main Tunnel.

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