The G-Tunnel is a Tunnel that connects to the Main tunnel. It is 10 levels long.

Some of the levels were designed by Gecco. (3, 5, 7, 9, 10)

Plot Edit

There are three cutscenes there take place in this G-tunnel. If you want to know more, go to Story.

You Think? Edit

After finding the Duplicator in the Angel Missions, a cutscene with the Duplicator, Child, and Angel will show up. The Angel says he has good news: they can go home. The Child says he doesn't want to go, but the Duplicator agrees, saying that he thinks his wife may be worried. The Angel says, "You Think?!? I used to think you were an irresponsible idiot. Turns out, I was right." The Child pleads for his father not to go with the Angel, but he goes anyway.

Inflation Edit

After beating G-10, a cutscene featuring the Duplicator and Gentleman will begin. The Duplicator says that he thinks that he found why the government in trying to keep them out. At first he thought it was to keep them unaware to the existence of alien technology. Then he says he was collecting power cells and earned a whole year's wages. Then he says the Government is trying to keep them all poor. The Gentleman says it is because they want to delay inflation, but the Duplicator says it is nonsense and guessed that the Gentleman collected 20,000 power cells. The Gentleman denies and says, "No comment."

Can't Wait Edit

One of the flashback of this cutscene takes place in this G-tunnel.

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