The Duplicator is an avid conspiracy theorist and the father of the Child. He suspects everyone except his son and the animals (Lizard, Bunny) of being involved in a conspiracy against him, though he isn't clear on the details. The Child seems to think it's all a game. The Duplicator is described as a "self-replicator" in the game.


The Duplicator can only be unlocked by buying him in the shop for 6000 power cells or playing him on some sections on The Way Back.

Every few seconds, the Duplicator creates a projection of himself, up to a maximum of six. These "duplicates" mimic his actions. When he falls, he switches locations with a duplicate that's still inside, effectively giving himself multiple lives.

The Duplicator's speed is 10 m/s.

The duplicates are solid enough to jump on, as long as they're close enough. This allows the Duplicator to jump higher and further, but it requires running into walls beforehand, in order to keep the duplicates from spreading out. Duplicates can also jump on the Duplicator himself, in which case he switches places with the duplicate that jumped on him.

Therefore, his chances of surviving a level is increased significantly, letting him able to defeat levels that have a high risk of failing.

Achievements Edit

We Will Survive - Beat Low Power Tunnel, part 16 without losing a single duplicate.

Fall To Pieces - Let 50 duplicates fall into space in a single Infinite Mode run.

Character's rating Edit

Ability rating
Jump length
Jump height
Special ability

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • All solid objects - including duplicates - can change the tunnel's gravity.
  • Did you know? Duplicates can jump off of one another in midair.
  • The Duplicator's philosophy: if someone gives you parenting advice, say thanks and ignore them.
  • For some reason, it's hard to make new duplicates when the power is out. At least the existing ones stay around.
  • The Duplicator trusts himself, his son, and the animals. Everyone else keeps telling him he's wrong.
  • Try to keep a duplicate alive at all times. They jump higher than you do.
  • The Duplicator can instantly swap places with any duplicate. He doesn't know how, and unlike the Student, he doesn't care.
  • His duplicates are like solid mirror images... that aren't mirrored. (The Duplicator isn't much good at similes.)

Other Trivia Edit

  • The Duplicator isn't glowing, he's iridescent. The yellow only appears when light bounces off of him at a certain angle.
  • He has a wife back on the Planet, as revealed in the cutscene "You Think?"
  • On the Angel's list for going home, he is referred to as "The Crackpot".

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