Introduction Edit

Difficulty is a number that determine the difficulty of a level in Run 3. This can determine the difficulty of a level.

Color code Edit

1 Sandbox
2 Very easy
3 Easy
4 Not too easy
5 Almost medium
6 Medium
7 Over medium
8 Above medium
9 Fairly hard
10 Hard
11 Extra hard
12 Insanely hard
13 Hell

Rankings Edit

Easy Edit

Ranking Definition Frequency Examples


Literally impossible to lose unless you press the quit button or fail it deliberately. It is always 100% pass unless you don't play it seriously, as in leaving the character to just go automatically, or to try and die on purpose. These levels are extremely rare. Only two levels are in this category.
Launch Site A
Launch Site A
This level is extremely easy. It is almost impossible to escape from winning.
Launch Site C
It is very difficult to fall out of the tunnel, especially that the holes are only a tile wide.

Very easy

These levels are considered to be very easy. Most of the beginners can finish it in one take. Only careless or playing not seriously will lead to failure. These levels are common in the first batch of levels, but are less common later. They are for tutorials and beginners.
Level 1
First level of the game. Extremely easy.
Level 2
Second level of the game. Tutorial level for changing gravity (Easy).


These levels are considered to be easy, but some beginners make need to take a few more times in order to finish the level. Common at first, but appears rarely in the later part of the game.
Level 10
Some beginners make take it as a hard level, but skilled players may think that it is very easy.

Not too easy

These levels are considered to be slightly harder than easy, but still far from medium. Common at first, but appears rarely in the later part of the game.
Level 27
Level 27
This level is easy, but it may seem to trouble beginners.

Almost medium

These levels are about to reach medium standards, but not quite reaching its difficulty, being slightly easier. Common level difficulty throughout the game.
Level 11
Requiring the player to navigate through holes, this may be hard for beginners.

Medium Edit

Ranking Definition Frequency Examples


Not too easy, but not too hard. Skilled players may take them as easy, but these levels will prove to be a challenge for beginners. These levels are very common.
Level 13
This level is not too hard, but the abundance of holes may make the level threatening.
Level M-1
The threatening amount of crumbling tiles make the level difficult to less-skilled players.

Over medium

These levels are slightly harder than Medium. It is often caused by the amount of holes/crumbling tiles, and the platforms size. These levels are common during the tunnels, but less common in the later ones.
Level 39
Level 39
The strange shape of the level may confuse you, and the large amount of crumbling tiles make the level hard.

Above medium

These levels are considered to be nearly hard, but not quite enough. Can be challenging. Appears rarely at first, but appears more and more commonly in the later part of the game.
Level 33
You need to adjust to the way you jump, and this may prove a challenge to many players.

Hard Edit

Ranking Definition Frequency Examples

Fairly hard

These levels can be challenging, and may take some skills to finish. These levels are very common after the minigames end.
Not the Way Back, part 4
Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 11.10.53 AM
The large tile size and the wide gaps make this level quite hard. You may need a few tries if you aren't a good player.


These levels are quite hard, and skilled players may have difficulty to defeat it. These levels are sprinkled in the game, but are less common in the Main Tunnel.
Level 65
Level 65
The classic "Hard" level in the game. Small platforms, large gaps make this level famous. Fortunately, there are many tutorial videos in the Internet for this level.

Extra hard

These levels are really challenging, and sometimes it requires luck to finish. Common in the later parts of the game.
Level N-8
Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 11.21.05 AM
In the level, the only path is winding and spiral, while being extremely narrow. With the Conveyor tiles present, you will have a hard time to run on the path without falling off it.

Insanely hard

These levels are so hard that skilled players may take about 6~10 attempts to beat this. These levels are rare. Most of these levels are on the poll.
Plan A, part 16
Plan A, part 16
This is definitely one of the most notorious level in game. Small platforms already make this level hard, but the incredibly long length of this level makes this worse.


These levels (may contain minigames) are so hard that you think you may not be able to finish it. It requires maximum skills to finish. Extremely rare. No level is currently in this category, only the minigames. Mostly, this type of difficulty is given to the winners of this poll. None. Yet.