This is a category page that includes all pages that are stubs.

For the level guide pages, please edit them as detailed as possible.

Only remove them from this category page if the page has this standard:

  • Has a photo
  • All blanks (except Alternate Path, box, push box, progress, which are optional) of the infobox must be done
  • The links in the infobox must work perfectly
  • There is a gameplay guide, with at least a paragraph, or 50 words
  • The page is categorized as a level page
  • Has a preferred character guide, which is presented with this template


  • If there is a cutscene, side tunnel, or unlock characters and costumes, the page must have the template


  • If the level's difficulty is over the difficulty "Fairly hard", the level page must have the template


  • If the level's difficult is the ultimate difficult of Hell, the level page must have the template


  • If the level is in the poll, the page must have the template


  • The page must give out details about achievements if there are any in the level the page mentioned

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