Characters are playable in all three games.

In Run 1 Edit

Originally, Run 1 had only the Runner. On July 2, 2012, seven new character costumes were added to Run 1. The costumes and their unlock times are as follows: Student (start), Caveman (start), Lizard (level 5), Gentleman (level 10), Zombie (level 20), Angel (level 28), and Skater (level 50). Most of the costumes later became unique characters in Run 3. However, at this point, the different characters were simply costumes, and had no special abilities, except the Skater. Like in Run 3, he moves faster and jumps farther than the other characters. Besides the Skater, the costumes don't affect gameplay.

In Run 2 Edit

There are two characters, the Runner and the Skater. Each one has their own levels and bonuses counted separately.

In Run 3 Edit

There are ten characters unlocked as follows: Runner (start), Skater (level 10 or 300 power cells), Lizard (level 40 or 800 power cells), Child (Low Power Tunnel or 2000 power cells), Bunny (8 achievements or 2000 power cells), Gentleman (2000 power cells), Duplicator (6000 power cells), Pastafarian (6000 power cells), Student (10000 power cells) and Angel (12000 power cells). Each one has their own ablities and different speeds, manuverabilities and jump heights. Some also have costumes.

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