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Did you draw on my map? This page contains spoilers. Read at own risk.

The bridge-building minigame becomes available after finishing Level B-13 and Level T-7. It focuses on the Runner, the Student, and the Skater as they discover and push around boxes with strange rings attached to them.

Gameplay Edit

The Way Onwards involves pushing floating boxes to their rendezvous point in B-13. The boxes must be pushed through tunnels that the player has already gone through, often backwards. Each part of The Way Onwards has a set character, who is the only character that can be used for that part. Most of the levels must be done with either the Student or the Runner. However, the Student is not unlocked after playing The Way Onwards, and must still be bought to be used in any other levels.

Here are the levels needed to play:


Box in Box Storage Area, part 6: Level 35 (Backwards), Level 34 (Backwards), Box Storage Area, part 6 (With cutscene, halfway required), Box Storage Area, part 6 (Halfway backwards**), Box Storage Area, part 5 (Backwards, halfway required**) , Box Storage Area, part 2 (Backwards***), Level 35 (Missing tiles***), Level 36 (Missing tiles**, end with a cutscene, after the cutscene you will immediately start the quest to find the Box in Box Storage Area, part 7)


Box in Box Storage Area, part 7: Level 39 (Backwards, missing tiles), Level 38 (Backwards, missing tiles), Box Storage Area, part 1 (End with cutscene), Box Storage Area, part 6, Box Storage Area, part 7, Box Storage Area, part 7 (Backwards***), Box Storage Area, part 6 (Backwards****), Level 38 (Backwards, missing tiles***, after ending, you will immediately start the quest to find the Box in U-8)


Box in U-8: B-7 (Backwards, missing tiles), B-6 (Backwards), U-3 (End with cutscene meeting the Gentleman), U-7, U-8 (End with cutscene "Protip"), U-8 (Backwards*******), U-7 (Backwards******), U-5 (Missing tiles, backwards****), B-1 (Missing tiles***), B-2 (Missing tiles***), B-12 (***), B-13 (******)


Note 1: These 3 boxes mentioned above is needed to start the cutscene "Crossing the Gap", letting The Way Onwards playable.

Note 2: The boxes in M-5 (Although the map shows it as in The River, part 3 (F-3)), and the T-4 are not needed. The one in Box Storage Area, part 1 is not needed.

Note 3: The asterisks above means the number you need to "hit" the box in order to transport it to the other side of the tunnel.

Note 4: All levels after the cutscene "Protip", the box in U-8 that the Student push won't return to their initial places except B-1 and B-2 when the Student try to not keep calm during the teleportation process.

Note 5: If you use the Runner, the box won't go back to their initial positions before "Protip" cutscene.

Note 6: If you use the Runner or the Student (after Protip), and you knock some of the tiles away, when you respawn, the box won't be in the original place (good thing), but the knocked-out tiles won't be back either. (Bad thing) If all the knocked-out tiles are gone, then the box may go back to the original place and the knocked-out tiles will be back.

Note 7: If you accidentally enter the next level without the box, you will immediately return to the initial place and the box will return to its old place. Be careful before you enter the next level. This can be VERY troublesome.

Here are the boxes that is not a must:


Box in Box Storage Area, part 1 (Runner): Box Storage Area (**), B-2 (***), B-3 (***), B-7 (****), B-8 (*****)


Box in T-4 (Runner): T-3, T-4 (*****, end with cutscene "Leave it here"), T-3 (*****), Level 52 (***, backwards), Level 43 (****)


Box in M-5 (Skater and Student): M-5 (Skater used, ****, end with cutscene "Don't question it"), M-3 (Skater used, ***, backwards, end with cutscene), M-2 (Student used, ***, backwards) , M-1 (Student used, ***, backwards)


Note 8: In T-4, if you finish the cutscene "Leave it here", the location of the box will be changed permanently, no matter you play it in a "normal replay way with the galaxy map", the place of the moved box will still remain there.

Note 9: In the box of M-5, the cutscens happen before "Protip", so both the Student and the Skater don't know how to respawn without moving the box. That means if you fail, you need to start from the beginning of the level.

Note 10: Good luck and finish the Bridge Building :)

Plot Edit

The following is a brief description of the story in The Way Onwards. More information on the story can be found here.

After beating Level 65, a picture of three boxes with orange rings attached to them appears in the bottom right corner of the map the next time it is viewed. Clicking upon the image will initiate the following cutscene:

The Runner and the Student are standing at the edge of Level B-13. The Runner had told the Student that the Skater discovered a tunnel far away from the one they were in, but he was unable to make it across the gap. The Runner wants the Student to try to reach the tunnel instead. The Student agrees to help.

After the cutscene, the Student will begin running through Level 35 and 34, then the screen cuts to the Box Storage Area, part 6, in which she finds a box with strange yellow rings floating next to it. The Student messes around with the box for a bit, which leads to her discovering that the floating box can be pushed around.

The Student pushes the box all the way back to the Runner, who is waiting in B-12. The Runner is surprised to see that the Student pushed a box, but she cuts off the Student's scientific explanation and asks instead where she can get more.

The Runner, the Student, and the Skater all proceed to look for the floating boxes. After they have collected several boxes, they try again to cross the gap. They are able to get across by jumping from box to box, and end up in level N-1.

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