Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction Edit

This is level 6 of the Box Storage Area. You need to play this level during the Bridge Building minigame too.

Suggested character: RunnerFront

Gameplay Edit

Using the Runner can let you navigate through the level easily. In this level, you need to make use of changing gravity in midair, and you should try to walk on the side of the boxes. This can make you suddenly go to the higher platforms in the level, and thus can let you jump farther distances. Walking on boxes is something you may need to train before you succeed. You may need to try a few more turns before you beat this level.

Plot Edit

There is a cutscene featured in this level. More can be seen in here.

Something Weird Edit

After you click the bridge-building mini-game and play a bit the Student will find two rings on a box so she messes around with it (by jumping on the box) and she falls and grabs on to the ring. Then she pushes it and then the cutscene ends.

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