The B-Tunnel is a side tunnel that branches off of Level 40 of the Main Tunnel. The tunnel consists of thirteen levels which can be played with any character.

Gameplay Edit

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Plot Edit

The following is a brief description of the story in the B-Tunnel. More information on the story can be found here.

After beating the B-Tunnel, the cutscene 'Boring' will begin, featuring the Child and the Student. The Child asks the Student why she dosn't have a lab coat although she's a scientist. She answers that she dosn't need one, and to justify her answer, she begins to explain what science is until the Child stops her. He complains that school science is boring, and tells her to talk about movie science instead. The Student tries to protest that "school" science dosn't have to be boring. The Child ignores her, saying that all his teachers say that too, but they're wrong. When the Student tells him that she could be the exception, the Child just says that he dosn't need science. The Student mumbles "Oh, so that's why..." then out loud she responds, "Let get back to you on this."

In The Bridge Building, the Runner, Skater, and Student collect their ringed boxes in Level B-13.

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