The Angel just suspiciously looking at the screen.

The Angel is an engineer, previously employed at a place called "the Factory." He considers himself a hero, but he constantly belittles everyone he meets, insulting their decisions, their competence, and/or their appearance. The Angel is described as a "dashing fellow" and "self-proclaimed hero" in the game.

He claims to know the purpose of the Tunnels, calling it "obvious."

"He solves practical problems, and creates personal problems."
-In game description


The Angel can only be unlocked by buying him in the shop for 12000 power cells.

The Angel can dash forwards in midair, gaining a lot of speed and a little height. This makes him one of the faster characters in the game, at a top speed of 19m/s, and gives him a chance to recover if he messes up a jump.

After dashing forwards, he keeps his extra speed for a short time. During this time, if he jumps, the jump will go much farther. Then if he dashes again at the end of the jump, he can extend it even farther. Doing this lets him jump almost as far as the Bunny can. However, when the power is out, the boost will decrease.

After beating the Box Storage Area, part 11, the Angel's checklist for going home will appear on the map. By clicking on each entry on the list, the player will play several levels in which the Angel is searching for each of the other characters. When he finds another character, he asks them whether or not they want to go home. He only ends up recruiting the Pastafarian, the Duplicator, the Child, and the Bunny. After recruiting everyone he can, the Angel starts to lead them back to the Planet. The initial searching levels can only be completed with the Angel, but the ones afterwards can be played with any character that is going home.

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • Both the Runner and the Angel have leadership skills, but you wouldn't know it from listening to the Angel.
  • Gravity is different outside the tunnel, so dashing gives the angel more lift.
  • The Angel can jump farther than almost anyone else, but it requires planning.
  • Know when to slow down! Going slower gives you more time to react. After dashing, press the jump button again to slow down.
  • The Angel's philosophy: People are stupid, but that's no reason not to help them.
  • He's probably lost the position by now, but the Angel used to have an important job at the factory.
  • The angel tells people that his wings are real. If they happen to miss the sarcasm, that's their problem.
  • Dashing into a ramp gives him a huge boost and restores the dash at the same time.
  • The Angel could "cut" a tunnel if he wanted, but why would he? It would be a waste of time and a huge inconvenience.
  • Whoever made the Tunnels was an idiot. Space is naturally frictionless, but they added air--and therefore air friction--intentionally.

Other Trivia Edit

  • In the cutscene "Nice to Meet You," he introduces himself to the Runner as "the Angel, also known as the highest-paid engineer on the Planet."
    • Also in the cutscene "Nice to Meet You," the Angel mistakes the Student for a boy. This is because the Angel had never met the Student before at this point, and only knew her name.
  • "The Angel's wings are purely decorative. They started as a workplace in-joke." -Player 03
  • The Angel doesn't like the animal characters (Lizard and Bunny) much. This is shown when he pushes the Lizard off the edge, and when the Bunny attacks him.
  • The Angel's halo is actually a ring, and it is what allows him to "fly."
    • The Angel mentions that he discovered the rings seven and a half months before the Student did.
  • The Angel mentions that he's glad he's single because he won't have a spouse trying to rip out his antennae when he returns to the Planet.

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