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Why is the cutscene Thanks for playtesting before superpowers and all that?

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I have Kongregate Run 3 on my phone and when i log in, the new achievements's description are "???". Why?

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Suggestion to add a new level to the different Run levels

Some levels, like Level I-5 and Plan A, part 16 have "Hell" difficulties. However, if new levels are introduced in future updates, than they may prove these levels to be a cakewalk. That is why I propose a new level skill known as "Beyond Hell" which is harder than Hell.
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We now have Discussions

OK everyone, I got Discussions enabled on the wiki. Some people might like it, some people might not. It’s no big deal either way. The point is, we gained something in return for our efforts! This might be a big change, so be prepared!
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